Monday, June 17, 2013

Mystery Monday: Sarah Clifton Patrick's Family

There are a number of mysteries and holes in my family research that I need to explore, but questions about Sarah's family have come up recently, so I have decided to write about her today while it is fresh in my mind.  
My fourth great-grandmother was Sarah Clifton Patrick.  She was born, from what I can gather, in Virginia (although I have one source that states that she was the "daughter of a wealthy Richland planter" - Tried by Fire by Archie Vernon Huff, Jr. page 12). I have seen 2 different Virginia county possibilities, Richmond and Southampton, but have no proof for either.  I do know that she married Andrew Muir Wallace and raised her children in Columbia, South Carolina.  I know nothing about Sarah's parents, siblings, or possible aunts/uncles/cousins and have no ideas about where anyone else could have settled if and when they left Virginia, BUT....... I have come across a possible clue and am pulling my hair out trying to see if it could help me find out more about her family.

Background/Quick note: Sarah and Andrew Wallace were members of the church that my husband, son, and I are now members of (Washington Street United Methodist Church in Columbia, SC).  She and Andrew, along with some other family members, were originally buried at Washington Street in the church cemetery, but when the church built a new building "that was to be erected in the churchyard, the church agreed to move graves for families which made the request...... Among the graves moved were those of the Andrew Wallace.....families." (Tried by Fire by Archie Vernon Huff, Jr. page 90)

One Sunday, while I was waiting for the church service to begin, I walked through one of the small courtyards located next to the choir room/back entrance to the sanctuary.  I pulled out my iPhone (gotta love technology!) and began to take pictures of the headstones in that area so that I could upload them to later.  While I was uploading the photos, I realized one of the graves was for a Claiborne Clifton, born in Virginia.

This Claiborne was buried within 8 graves of Sarah Clifton Patrick Wallace's original grave site.  What were the chances of finding a "Clifton," born in Virginia, buried that close to her?  I have no idea of how he could be related to her, but I feel like there has to be a connection.  I have searched and have found plenty of information on Claiborne and his family.  He does have a sister named "Sarah Clifton," although it does not appear that any of his sisters married a "Patrick."  Could he have been a cousin of her mother's, though, or is this a complete fluke?  I feel as if there has got to be some connection, but what is it?????  If only I had that magic wand to summon the information I need.

If you are reading this and know ANYTHING about the Clifton or Patrick families from Virginia or South Carolina, I would love to hear from you!  OR if you have any ideas about where I could begin searching, I am all ears!

Our Line of Patricks:

Lake Hawthorne Barrett
Ronald Hawthorne Barrett - Jenna Elizabeth Aldridge (mother)
Marion Douglas Aldridge - Sarah Marguerite Craig (mother)
William Rhett Craig, Jr. (grandfather) - Elizabeth Ann Barnes
William Rhett Craig, Sr. - Sarah Lou Wallace (2nd great grandmother)
John Witherspoon Wallace (3rd great grandfather) - Joella Septimer Milner
John Wallace (4th great grandfather) - Rebecca Elizabeth Witherspoon
Andrew Muir Wallace - Sarah Clifton PATRICK (5th great grandmother)


  1. My name is Sally Wallace. I'm married to Joseph E. (Buddy) Wallace, Jr. who is the great-great-great-grandson of Andrew Wallace and Sarah Clifton Patrick. There was an article in Charleston's Post Courier yesterday and I was trying to see if I could find how William Wallace was related.

    1. Hi! First let me apologize for the tardiness of this reply! I am a teacher and so during the school year, my ability to "play" around with my genealogy research is more limited and so I have not been able to check my blog in quite a while! I do remember that article well, and double checking the dates, could not find a connection with this William Wallace on this side of the pond. There is a possibility that he could be part of the family, but I have not had a chance to do any research past Andrew's arrival here. I do have names of his parents and 3 of his grandparents, but no real documentation yet. You can email me at if you would like and I can share with you anything I have.
      I look forward to hearing from you! Welcome to the family!