Monday, June 2, 2014

My New and Improved Family Tree!

I am so excited that I could POP!  I have been looking for a way to display my family tree that would allow me to see more generations than the traditional sheet found on ancestry websites and in genealogy computer programs.  (OK - if I am being honest, I wanted it to look a lot cuter than those other ones too!)  I wanted to make it easier to see where my holes are and where I need to focus my attention.  I finally found one on Pinterest that I really liked and thought I could recreate. And.....after playing around with it all day, I did it!!!  I made one for each of my parents as well as both of my in-law's families. Here they are: (drum roll, please!)

(Please excuse the quality of the images you see below.   I had to take a screen shot of the .pdf file on my phone because the blog wanted a photo and not a .pdf file. The originals are much easier to read, but you can get the idea.)

 There isn't anything else to post today -
I just had to share these because I was so excited to get them finished!!!!